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For patient happiness around the world — offering new and innovative treatment choices

Otsuka Medical Devices was initially established in 2011 with the goal of becoming the third business pillar supporting the total healthcare mission of the Otsuka group: to contribute to people’s health worldwide. We are now shifting from the research and development stage to the business phase.

As society ages and lifestyles change, an ever-increasing number of patients suffer from diseases that cannot be treated by pharmaceutical therapies alone. Our focus is on the development of minimally invasive devices as alternative therapeutic choices.

In November 2023, our novel therapy, ultrasound renal denervation, was approved by the FDA. It is intended as an adjunctive treatment option for the treatment of hypertension when lifestyle changes and medications have not adequately controlled a patient’s blood pressure. The therapy is now commercially available in Europe and the U.S. In Japan, a clinical trial is underway. We will continue to accelerate our activities to contribute to the health of more patients by offering alternative treatments like this.

Our other key focus areas involve developing new treatment methods using digital technology, and novel devices incorporating pharmaceuticals through collaboration with other Otsuka group companies.

We continue to take on the challenges of healthcare with courage and perseverance to help patients regain their health and live a fulfilling life.

As a member of the Otsuka group, a total healthcare company, we strive to contribute to the well-being of people worldwide.

President and Representative Director
Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd.