Corporate Information

Otsuka Medical Devices is dedicated to offering innovative new treatment choices that bring happiness to patients around the world

2021 was a landmark year for Otsuka Medical Devices as we successfully launched our first commercial product in Japan in November, the BioMimics 3D Vascular Stent System. This is a great first step forward in our mission to respond to patients’ needs and provide new treatment options. We will continue to listen to the voices of the medical community and develop products to meet patients’ needs.

Otsuka Medical Devices was initially established in 2011 with the goal of becoming one of the three core businesses supporting the total healthcare mission of the Otsuka group: to contribute to people’s health worldwide. Our strategic focus is the development and commercialization of minimally invasive devices directed at the treatment of disorders that cannot be addressed satisfactorily with pharmaceutical therapy alone. As part of our strategy, we collaborate with other Otsuka group companies to develop innovative devices that combine both drugs and devices.

We live in challenging times. As our society ages and our lifestyles undergo significant changes, an ever-increasing number of patients suffer from diseases that cannot be cured by pharmaceutical therapies alone. However, our generation is also one of great opportunity. Research and development into new treatment approaches is advancing more than ever before, and the availability and usage of online resources have empowered many patients and their families to take an increasingly proactive approach to treatment decisions. We hope that the treatment alternatives currently under development will help as many patients as possible to regain control of their health and enjoy greater comfort in their daily lives.

As a member of the Otsuka group, which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary, we will do what it takes to offer new innovative treatment choices to put a smile back on the faces of patients around the world.

President and Representative Director
Otsuka Medical Devices Co., Ltd.